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@@ -312,6 +312,7 @@ Before add pull request please see **[this](
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>Network-Tools</b></a> - network tools for webmasters, IT technicians & geeks.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>URL Encode/Decode</b></a> - tool from above to either encode or decode a string of text.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>Uncoder</b></a> - the online translator for search queries on log data.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>Regex101</b></a> - online regex tester and debugger: PHP, PCRE, Python, Golang and JavaScript.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>RegExr</b></a> - online tool to learn, build, & test Regular Expressions (RegEx / RegExp).<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>Hardenize</b></a> - deploy the security standards.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>VirusTotal</b></a> - analyze suspicious files and URLs to detect types of malware.<br>
@@ -323,6 +324,7 @@ Before add pull request please see **[this](
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>ShellCheck</b></a> - finds bugs in your shell scripts.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>explainshell</b></a> - get interactive help texts for shell commands.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=",output"><b>jsbin</b></a> - live pastebin for HTML, CSS & JavaScript and more.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>CodePen</b></a> - is a social development environment for front-end designers and developers.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>PHP Sandbox</b></a> - test your PHP code with this code tester.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b></b></a> - an instant IDE to learn, build, collaborate, and host all in one place.<br>
@@ -334,7 +336,9 @@ Before add pull request please see **[this](
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>Sucuri loadtimetester</b></a> - test here the
performance of any of your sites from across the globe.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>Pingdom Tools</b></a> - analyze your site’s speed around the world.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b></b></a> - run website latency tests across multiple geographic regions.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>PageSpeed Insights</b></a> - analyze your site’s speed and make it faster.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b></b></a> - helps developers like you learn and apply the web's modern capabilities to your own sites and apps.<br>

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