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@@ -88,6 +88,7 @@ for transferring data with URLs.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://www.wireshark.org/docs/man-pages/tshark.html"><b>tshark</b></a> - dump and analyze network traffic (wireshark cli).<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://github.com/mschwager/fierce"><b>fierce</b></a> - a DNS reconnaissance tool for locating non-contiguous IP space.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://github.com/aboul3la/Sublist3r"><b>sublist3r</b></a> - fast subdomains enumeration tool for penetration testers.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://github.com/troglobit/nemesis"><b>Nemesis</b></a> - packet manipulation CLI tool; craft and inject packets of several protocols.<br>

##### :black_small_square: SSL
@@ -220,6 +221,13 @@ performance of any of your sites from across the globe.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://haveibeenpwned.com/"><b>have i been pwned?</b></a> - check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach.<br>

##### :black_small_square: CVE

&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://cve.mitre.org/"><b>CVE Mitre</b></a> - list of publicly known cybersecurity vulnerabilities.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://www.cvedetails.com/"><b>CVE Details</b></a> - CVE security vulnerability advanced database.<br>

#### Manuals/Howtos/Tutorials

##### :black_small_square: Bash
@@ -245,6 +253,10 @@ performance of any of your sites from across the globe.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="http://www.hackingarticles.in/"><b>Hacking Articles</b></a> - LRaj Chandel's Security & Hacking Blog.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://gtfobins.github.io/"><b>GTFOBins</b></a> - list of Unix binaries that can be exploited by an attacker to bypass local security restrictions.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://github.com/toniblyx/my-arsenal-of-aws-security-tools"><b>AWS security tools</b></a> - make your AWS cloud environment more secure.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="http://html5sec.org/"><b>HTML5 Security Cheatsheet</b></a> - a collection of HTML5 related XSS attack vectors.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="http://www.pentest-standard.org/index.php/Main_Page"><b>PTES</b></a> - the penetration testing execution standard.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://github.com/zardus/ctf-tools"><b>ctf-tools</b></a> - some setup scripts for security research tools.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://guif.re/"><b>Guifre Ruiz Notes</b></a> - collection of secuirty, system, network and pentest cheatsheets.<br>

##### :black_small_square: Web Apps
@@ -257,7 +269,6 @@ performance of any of your sites from across the globe.<br>

&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://bitvijays.github.io/LFC-VulnerableMachines.html"><b>CTF Series : Vulnerable Machines</b></a> - the steps below could be followed to find vulnerabilities and exploits.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://guif.re/"><b>Guifre Ruiz Notes</b></a> - collection of pentest cheatsheets.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://hshrzd.wordpress.com/how-to-start/"><b>How to start RE/malware analysis?</b></a> - collection of some hints and useful links for the beginners.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://lzone.de/cheat-sheet/"><b>LZone Cheat Sheets</b></a> - all cheat sheets.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://cheat.readthedocs.io/en/latest/"><b>Dan’s Cheat Sheets’s</b></a> - massive cheat sheets documentation.<br>
@@ -294,6 +305,12 @@ Linux Security Expert</b></a> - trainings, howtos, checklists, security tools an
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://hardenedbsd.org/"><b>HardenedBSD</b></a> - HardenedBSD aims to implement innovative exploit mitigation and security solutions.<br>

##### :black_small_square: Network

&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://www.capanalysis.net/ca/"><b>CapAnalysis</b></a> - web visual tool to analyze large amounts of captured network traffic (PCAP analyzer).<br>

##### :black_small_square: HTTP(s) Services

@@ -306,6 +323,7 @@ Linux Security Expert</b></a> - trainings, howtos, checklists, security tools an
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://emeraldonion.org/"><b>Emerald Onion</b></a> - seattle-based encrypted-transit internet service provider.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://www.unbound.net/"><b>Unbound</b></a> - validating, recursive, and caching DNS resolver (with TLS).<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://www.knot-resolver.cz/"><b>Knot Resolver</b></a> - caching full resolver implementation, including both a resolver library and a daemon.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="http://vulnreport.io/"><b>Vulnreport</b></a> - open-source pentesting management and automation platform by Salesforce Product Security.<br>

#### Awesome Lists
@@ -330,6 +348,7 @@ Linux Security Expert</b></a> - trainings, howtos, checklists, security tools an
##### :black_small_square: Bounty programs

&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://bountyfactory.io/"><b>Bounty Factory</b></a> - European bug bounty platform based on the legislation and rules in force in European countries.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://www.openbugbounty.org/"><b>Openbugbounty</b></a> - allows any security researcher reporting a vulnerability on any website.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://www.hackerone.com/"><b>hackerone</b></a> - global hacker community to surface the most relevant security issues.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://www.bugcrowd.com/"><b>bugcrowd</b></a> - crowdsourced cybersecurity for the enterprise.<br>
@@ -354,6 +373,8 @@ Linux Security Expert</b></a> - trainings, howtos, checklists, security tools an
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://www.hacking-lab.com/index.html"><b>Hacking-Lab</b></a> - online ethical hacking, computer network and security challenge platform.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="http://pwnable.kr/index.php"><b>pwnable.kr</b></a> - non-commercial wargame site which provides various pwn challenges regarding system exploitation.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://silesiasecuritylab.com/"><b>Silesia Security Lab</b></a> - high quality security testing services with a results-driven approach to make risk mitigation highly affordable.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://practicalpentestlabs.com/"><b>Practical Pentest Labs</b></a> - pentest lab, take your Hacking skills to the next level.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href="https://www.root-me.org/?lang=en"><b>Root Me</b></a> - the fast, easy, and affordable way to train your hacking skills.<br>

#### One-liners