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<p align="center">"<i>Knowledge is powerful, be careful how you use it!</i>"</p>
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@@ -697,6 +690,7 @@ performance of any of your sites from across the globe.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>OWASP ASVS 3.0.1 Web App</b></a> - simple web app that helps developers understand the ASVS requirements.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>OWASP ASVS 4.0</b></a> - is a list of application security requirements or tests.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>OWASP Testing Guide v4</b></a> - includes a "best practice" penetration testing framework.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>OWASP Dev Guide</b></a> - this is the development version of the OWASP Developer Guide.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>Mozilla Web Security</b></a> - help operational teams with creating secure web applications.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>Enable CORS</b></a> - enable cross-origin resource sharing.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>Application Security Wiki</b></a> - is an initiative to provide all application security related resources at one place.<br>
@@ -847,6 +841,7 @@ Linux Security Expert</b></a> - trainings, howtos, checklists, security tools an
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>Vulnreport</b></a> - open-source pentesting management and automation platform by Salesforce Product Security.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>Mentalist</b></a> - is a graphical tool for custom wordlist generation.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>archerysec</b></a> - vulnerability assessment and management helps to perform scans and manage vulnerabilities.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>Osmedeus</b></a> - fully automated offensive security tool for reconnaissance and vulnerability scanning.<br>

##### :black_small_square: Pentests bookmarks collection
@@ -884,7 +879,6 @@ Linux Security Expert</b></a> - trainings, howtos, checklists, security tools an
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>MSTG</b></a> - The Mobile Security Testing Guide (MSTG) is a comprehensive manual for mobile app security testing.<br>

##### :black_small_square: Wordlists and Weak passwords

@@ -952,6 +946,7 @@ Linux Security Expert</b></a> - trainings, howtos, checklists, security tools an
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>Pentestit</b></a> - emulate IT infrastructures of real companies for legal pen testing and improving penetration testing skills.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>Microcorruption</b></a> - reversal challenges done in the web interface.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>Crackmes</b></a> - download crackmes to help improve your reverse engineering skills.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;:small_orange_diamond: <a href=""><b>DomGoat</b></a> - DOM XSS security learning and practicing platform.<br>

##### :black_small_square: Other resources
@@ -1254,6 +1249,14 @@ for ((i=1; i<=10; i+=2)) ; do echo $i ; done

for ((i=5; i<=10; ++i)) ; do printf '%02d\n' $i ; done
# alternative: seq -w 5 10

for i in {1..10} ; do echo $i ; done

###### Simple Bash Filewatching


@@ -3079,6 +3082,14 @@ grep -v ^[[:space:]]*# filename
egrep -v '#|^$' filename

###### Show strings with a dash/hyphen

grep -e -- filename
grep -- -- filename
grep "\-\-" filename

#### Shell functions &nbsp;[<sup>[TOC]</sup>](#anger-table-of-contents)

##### Table of Contents