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  1. alias ssh_nonpass='ssh -o PreferredAuthentications=password -o PubkeyAuthentication=no'
  2. alias xfce.restart.panel='xfce4-panel -r'
  3. alias cpu.low='cpupower frequency-set -d'
  4. alias cpu.high='cpupower frequency-set -u'
  5. alias'cpupower frequency-info'
  6. alias git.commit='git add . && git commit -m "uncommited changes"'
  7. alias claminit='/usr/bin/clamscan --suppress-ok-results --block-encrypted --database=/home/admin/.clamtk/db --scan-mail=yes --scan-archive=yes --max-scansize=500M --exclude-dir=^/home/admin/.clamtk/viruses --exclude-dir=^/sys/ --exclude-dir=^/dev/ --exclude-dir=^/proc/ --follow-dir-symlinks=1 --follow-file-symlinks=1 --detect-broken --recursive=yes'
  8. alias ssh.pentest-kali='ssh -p 9000'
  9. alias ssh.ext-web1='ssh -p 8200'
  10. alias l='ls -lFh --group-directories-first' #size,show type,human readable
  11. alias la='ls -lAFh --group-directories-first' #long list,show almost all,show type,human readable
  12. alias lr='ls -tRFh --group-directories-first' #sorted by date,recursive,show type,human readable
  13. alias lt='ls -ltFh --group-directories-first' #long list,sorted by date,show type,human readable
  14. alias ll='ls -l --group-directories-first' #long list
  15. alias git.reft="git pull origin testing && git fetch --all && git fetch --prune --tags"
  16. alias git.refm="git pull origin master && git fetch --all && git fetch --prune --tags"
  17. alias show.dns="ll /etc/dnsmasq.d/templates"
  18. alias show.vpn="ll /etc/netrog/vpn"