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Move Duply and DynaPictures to Photography 12 hours ago
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Move Gyazo to Cloud Storage & File Sharing 12 hours ago
  Matheus Felipe 89410b7e9f
Add KONTESTS to Programming (#3021) 13 hours ago
  Matheus Felipe db726ca092
Add DynaPictures to Development (#3020) 13 hours ago
  Nithin Gonthina a39b4e2680
Add KONTESTS API to Programming 15 hours ago
  Alex Zender f6cf504e0d
Add DynaPictures API to Development 16 hours ago
  Elizabeth Adeotun Adegbaju a7c675d6d7
Add RemoteCalc to Science & Math (#3012) 2 days ago
  Matheus Felipe e212944b83
Add Web Series Quotes Generator to Video (#3018) 2 days ago
  YOGESHWARAN R 4e1aae2a7d
Update README.md 2 days ago
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Remove Apple Music (#3016) 2 days ago
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Add Imgbb to Cloud Storage & File Sharing (#3015) 3 days ago
  Matheus Felipe 53644fd9b7
Add UrlBae to URL Shorteners (#3013) 3 days ago
  Akhil V 2267ce7a83
Add Fun Fact to Entertainment (#3010) 3 days ago
  Francisco Pessano 4466d95df6
Add Times Adder to Science & Math (#3009) 3 days ago
  array-in-a-matrix af5ac7bc83 Add Imgbb API to Cloud Storage & File Sharing 3 days ago
  lewis1994lp 6a2bd223af
Update README.md 4 days ago
  Pawel Borkar 0bfc86c89c
Merge pull request #3006 from Tech1k/patch-1 1 week ago
  Kristian Kramer 77d4034af6 Add Catboy API to Anime Category 1 week ago
  Matheus Felipe 92e9a03a6f
Update Censys (#3005) 1 week ago
  Aidan Holland 322c51e1cf
Update Censys Link 1 week ago
  Dale B aaf1600708
Add Collective APIs Site in the Alternative sites (#3004) 1 week ago
  Pawel Borkar f1e4918e35
Merge pull request #3002 from grindcode/add-climatiq 1 week ago
  Isis T. Baulig 1301798389 add Climatiq to Environment 1 week ago
  Pawel Borkar 83caeb7cbe
Add copyright to the license section 1 week ago
  Harshal Dhir efdf1e1ccf
Add MessengerX.io in Machine Learning (#3000) 1 week ago
  Matheus Felipe d10860dfdb
Add Portfolio Optimizer in Finance (#2996) 1 week ago
  Le Quant 40 250846b5ee Add Portfolio Optimizer API to Finance 2 weeks ago
  Kaustubh Dwivedi dba235f13f
Add Excuser in Entertainment Category (#2994) 2 weeks ago
  Matheus Felipe f48ce188fc
Remove Troposphere (#2993) 2 weeks ago
  Manuel Bauer bf06e9cedb Remove Troposphere weather API, because it is no longer active 2 weeks ago
  Matheus Felipe 172da16352
Remove Random Facts 2 weeks ago
  Matheus Felipe 06ac203fcc
Remove fungenerators QR Code (#2992) 2 weeks ago
  Matheus Felipe 733ab6f02e
Upd Brazil CNPJ: HTTPS supported (#2991) 2 weeks ago
  Akshayan Sinha 6d1c6c532b
Removed fungenerators (Fun Fact) API 2 weeks ago
  Gabriel Tavares e89172839d
Update README.md 2 weeks ago
  Marcel bd42acfebb
Add Stromberg Quotes (#2990) 2 weeks ago
  Matheus Felipe 89341672fc
Add GeographQL (#2989) 2 weeks ago
  Gabriel Tavares ef3aa99fd5
Add Brazil CNPJ (#2984) 2 weeks ago
  Pawel Borkar fc828ab36a
Merge pull request #2983 from pudo/opensanctions 3 weeks ago
  Pawel Borkar 97397e6a96
Merge pull request #2985 from sethvm/kimiquotes 3 weeks ago
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Update year to 2022 3 weeks ago
  Robert Renzo Rudio bf01c83b74
add GeographQL to Geocoding 3 weeks ago
  Seth Morenos af85434ee7 add kimiquotes to Personality 3 weeks ago
  Friedrich Lindenberg 36c3be285d Add OpenSanctions 3 weeks ago
  Matheus Felipe 8f5e8be700
Add Lowy Asia Index API (#2951 and #2982) 3 weeks ago
  Not Your Surya 1f2c0f3db7
[+] Add Lowy Asia Index API (#2951) 3 weeks ago
  Matheus Felipe f7255babfc
Remove mailgun 3 weeks ago
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Move email APIs to Email section 3 weeks ago
  Sent a94767db4d
Add mail.gw (#2980) 3 weeks ago
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Merge pull request #2979 from ChaseDurand/remove-wegmans 3 weeks ago